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Common names[ edit ] Other common names for P. It is karcsúsító öltöny yg asli appropriate to call it the American five-lined skink to distinguish it from the African skink Trachylepis quinquetaeniata otherwise known st francis fogyás memphis tn five-lined mabuya or the eastern red-headed skink to st francis fogyás memphis tn it from its western relative Plestiodon skiltonianus otherwise known as the western skink.

The blue-tailed skink proper is Cryptoblepharus egeriae from Christmas Islandbut in North America the juveniles of any Eumeces or Plestiodon species may be called this. Description[ edit ] The American five-lined skink is small to medium-sized, growing to about Young American five-lined skinks are dark brown to black with five distinctive white to yellowish stripes running along the body and a bright blue tail.

The blue color fades to light blue with age, and the stripes also may slowly disappear. The dark brown color fades, too, and older individuals are often uniformly brownish. The southeastern five-lined skinkP. The two species can be st francis fogyás memphis tn by their scales.

The former species usually lacks the two enlarged postlabial scales characteristic of P. It has now been seen in increasing numbers in the northern Chesapeake Bay Region of Maryland particularly along the shores of the Elk River, and northern Virginia. It prefers moist, partially wooded habitat that provides ample cover or inside st francis fogyás memphis tn of buildings, trees as well as sites to bask in the sun.

It can also be found in broken, rocky areas at the northern edge of its habitat. Reproduction[ edit ] Fertilization in the American five-lined skink is internal, with eggs laid by the female between the middle of May and July, at least one month after mating.

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The mating season begins in May. The female Plestiodon will lay its eggs in June, and four to six weeks after the incubation, the young hatch. Thus the birthing process consists of laying eggs and external incubation. Soil moisture is also an important factor in nest selection. Females often place nests in regions where soil moisture is higher than in adjacent areas. Vertical position of the nest also varies with moisture, with nests located deeper in a soil cavity at dry sites.

Even when nesting sites are not limited, a significant amount of aggregation occurs. The parchment-like eggs of the American five-lined skink, similar to many other reptiles, are thin and easily punctured. Freshly laid eggs range from spherical to oval in shape averaging 1. Absorption of water from the soil leads to increased egg size. Egg coloration also changes over time, from white to mottled tan, after contact with the nest burrow.

The incubation period ranges from 24 to 55 days, and varies due to fluctuations in temperature.

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Females typically brood their eggs during this time, exhibiting defensive behavior against smaller predators. Parental care st francis fogyás memphis tn a day or two after hatching when hatchlings leave the nest.

Young St francis fogyás memphis tn five-lined skinks, with a potential life span of up to six years, attain sexual maturity and begin reproducing within two to three years of hatching. Although males tolerate juveniles and females in their territories, they actively defend these areas against other males.

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Vomeronasal analysis of chemical cues and recognition of sex-specific visual stimuli, including tail and body coloration, aid in the identification of gender. Evidence suggests that males may rely more on contact pheromones than volatile st francis fogyás memphis tn molecules in the identification of conspecifics. Courting males grasp the necks of receptive females in their jaws after approaching them from the side. Using the tail to align cloacal openings, males initiate copulation by inserting one of the two hemipenes into the female's cloaca.

Copulation events typically last four to eight minutes. Female American five-lined skinks demonstrate high levels of parental care which reduces egg mortality.

Females exhibit several brooding positions of variant contact levels with the body placed beside, over, through, or in a coil around the eggs. Brooding position varies according to soil moisture. Maternal body contact increases at lower moisture levels potentially reducing the transpirational loss of the eggs.

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In communal nests, females may alternate foraging and guarding of the nests, leaving eggs protected at all times. Females may also urinate in the nests and turn eggs to maintain humidity. In addition, females transfer heat from basking through body contact.

Any eggs displaced from the nest are retrieved by head or snout rolling, and rotten eggs are eaten. American five-lined skinks also exhibit antipredation behavior.

In evasion of various predators including snakes, crows, hawks, shrews, moles, opossums, skunks, raccoons, and domestic cats, skinks may disconnect their entire tail or a small segment. Skinks run to shelter to escape their death as the disconnected tail continues to twitch.

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Skinks may also utilize biting as a defensive strategy. However, they have been reported to also eat newborn mice, frogs, and other lizards. And if you have a pet skink, supplement your skink's diet with fruits and vegetables.

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In addition to eating insects, skinks enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables. This can help supplement your skink's diet by adding some extra nutrients. Fruits that skinks enjoy include blueberries, mangos, raspberries, papayas, cantaloupes, strawberries, and figs.

Lawrence population of P. Skinks are at the extreme edge of their habitat range in Canada, which makes it an area of special interest to ecologists, as extreme conditions place unique evolutionary pressures upon species.

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The American five-lined skink has split into two phylogenetically-distinct populations in this edge habitat; the Carolinian population, also present in the United States, ends around Point Pelee National Park in southern Ontario.